Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second Post

Our group has found quite a few relevant sources to our research topic.

The first, “Man to Man: A Content Analysis of Sole-Male Images in Male-Audience Magazines” (Albanese & Kolbe, 1996) had a lot of significant information for our topic. 
  • This study focused on the physical construction of the male models in advertising.
  • The study found a pattern in the characteristics of each model—overall models seemed to be very similar
  • “The majority of men have the physique of the traditional male icon—strong and muscular” à Cowboy image favored
  • “Generally conservative or conventional appearance”
The study “Exposure to Male Models in Advertisements Leads to a Decrease in Men’s Body Satisfaction” (Baird, Grieve, 2006) looked at college-aged males and the effect of advertisements on their body satisfaction.
  • Compared participants who saw advertisements that viewed just products and participants who saw products with the presence of male models.
  • Those who saw just products did not report any change in their feelings towards their bodies 
  • Those who saw products with the presence of male models reported increased body dissatisfaction. 

Here is a link to a video blatantly trying to advertise specifically to men, using many male stereotypes.

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